Natalie's School of Dance



Class Attire is extremely important. If a dancer looks sloppy, they dance sloppy. The dress code is very simple, and will be enforced.

Female students: Leotard and tights, with any color dance pant or shorts over dance wear is acceptable. Dance pants, shorts, or sweats without dance wear underneath are NOT acceptable. No bare legs, no pantyhose.
Male students: Comfortable sweatpants & T-shirt


All hair must be pulled & tied back and worn away from the face.



Dance Shoes: Proper dance shoes must be worn at all times by all students. In the event you do not have shoes or have forgotten them, there are 2nd hand shoes available. Please attempt to try on before class so time is not wasted during class while trying to find shoes.


For your convenience, there will be a poster in the lobby of shoes and dance wear that the studio can order if students would like new items for the new dance year. Complete the order forms which will be made available include full payment, and they will be ordered. A second dance wear and shoe order will be placed in March or April 2014.


Miss Natalie's Jackets, Warm-up suits, and other dance wear are available. See the display in the studio lobby. All orders are due by October xx, 2013. We will need a minimum of 12 orders to meet minimum order quantity requirements set by the company.