Natalie's School of Dance



Costume Payments

There are two options for making payments. You must make your selection the first week of classes.


1. Option 1: Costume payments are made in two installments. The first is November xx, 2013 an estimated ½ of total cost. The second payment due in December for total balance due. All costumes must be paid in full before Christmas vacation, or they will not be ordered.


2. Option 2: Monthly installments to be made in a separate envelope and due at the same time as the monthly tuition lesson payments. This monthly costume payment will be $20.00 per month per costume, with the actual ending balance due in December.

a. Example: student taking 3 classes requires 3 costumes. In a separate envelope this student would pay $60.00 per month for September, October, November, for a total of $180.00. If the actual costume total for the 3 costumes is $210.00, the balance of $30.00 is due at the December costume payment date.


Costumes range from $60.00 to $85.00 per costume depending on the age and style. I believe in keeping the costumes at a reasonable and affordable cost per costume. Selections are always made with this in mind. All costumes are selected by Miss Natalie.


Costumes will not be ordered unless full payment has been made by the December scheduled date.


Payments not made in full by this time will not be ordered, and therefore not guaranteed to arrive or be available for Picture Day or for the Recital. In the event I am able to order late, any emergency shipping and handling charges (typically $25-$50.00) will be added to the costume total and must be paid in full prior to the order being placed. This could be a costly payment around the holidays.


Please avoid any of these problems, by selecting & paying to one of the options listed above.


Costume service fees i.e. if a costume needs to be exchanged for a different size and allowed by the company and be received in time, any fees are the responsibility of the student/parent. There are no refunds on costumes or payments made. Once ordered, they cannot be returned for credit or refund.


There will absolutely be no exceptions to any of the costume policies. The studio and the staff cannot carry the cost of order costumes for those students who have not paid. Please pay for the costumes at the schedule pay dates to avoid any issues. 



Costumes are measured as accurately as possible, however with some companies occasionally the costumes may not fit appropriately. In the event this occurs they may be altered. If Miss Natalie determines the costume must be altered, you have the choice of doing the alterations yourself, or have the studio seamstress do them. Alterations by the studio seamstress are professionally done at an extremely reasonable cost.


Initial try on of costumes will take place during class time to insure the best attendance possible in the event a send back is needed to meet timelines. Costume and alteration fittings will be done on scheduled fitting days separate from class time. Class time will not be used for these purposes. Costumes will not leave the studio until alteration fees are paid in full.