Natalie's School of Dance

Other Requirements and Studio Etiquette


♦  Students who take Pointe are required to take Ballet

♦  Students who take Hip-Hop are required to take Jazz

♦  Students who take Lyrical are required to take Jazz or Ballet

♦  Students who take Private Lessons must take that form of dance during the regular weekly classes. 


♦  Students who participate in the studio production numbers are technically ready are expected to be committed and follow the attendance policy.



Studio Etiquette & Code Ethics


First & Foremost, remember, "We are all part of the Natalie's School of Dance Family"..."We are a TEAM of One"


Be respectful of each other, to all dancers & instructors from other studios. Represent our studio and our dance family with sportsmanship behavior. This is expected from all students, at all times, inside and outside of the studio.
Good conduct is expected of all students, parents, and guests while inside the studio, the waiting room, and studio property.


Family friendly music and a fun environment will be the only way our studio will operate.
Parents, relatives, and friends are not permitted to enter the studio proper while classes are preparing to begin, or already in session.


Parents or students are not permitted to speak to, direct,
or otherwise instruct other students at any time during a class. This will be done only by Miss Natalie, or as she directs.


Dance routine instruction & cleanup is to be done only by Miss Natalie and by no one else unless so directed.


The only people in the dance studio proper are the students scheduled for class at that time, Miss Natalie, and others as she directs.


Parents and students please do not interrupt class to speak with Miss Natalie. This must be done outside of class times. If it is a quick question that requires a simple answer you may try in between classes. It is not fair to students or their parents to be interrupted during their class time.


No food or drinks are allowed in the studio proper.


No Chewing Gum during class.


No smoking is allowed in the building or studio grounds.
Anyone (student/parent/guest) who becomes disruptive will be asked to stop with a warning. If persistent, they
will be asked to leave.