Natalie's School of Dance


Class Placement


All students will be placed in classes by Miss Natalie according to their age. There may be exceptions for those students who have had previous training and in such cases may warrant otherwise. Placement on abilities and technique is solely on the judgment of Miss Natalie.

Students in grade levels 3, 6, & 7 are eligible for "Kids Production numbers"

Students must be in 8th grade level and above to be eligible for the studio Opening, Closing, or extra production numbers. Students will have the opportunity to be in those numbers only if they have excellent attendance in classes, and are technically prepared and read. This is a judgment only to be made by Miss Natalie.


All students who participate in the production numbers are expected to make all rehearsal times. There are only 3 absences allowed between January and June. There is also a $100.00 rehearsal fee due in January, which covers all additional rehearsals. Students will not be permitted to learn any choreography until the rehearsal fee is paid in full. Rehearsals are tentatively planned for Sundays.


"Dance teaches so much more than movement. Dance teaches discipline, organizational skills, coordination, self-expression, confidence, and the ability to love and achieve something that you can actually physically do. All students are #1 in my eyes, and in my heart! I am so proud to be given the opportunity to be a role model for each and every one of you."    --  Natlie Kazarian - Crisafulli